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Is Your Weight Out of Control?

Is Your Weight Out of Control?

Many people desire to exercise more and lose the excess weight they’re tired of carrying around. For some, the need to lose weight is more urgent because of the underlying health risks that being overweight or obese causes.

At Salem Wellness Clinic, we specialize in medically supervised weight loss services to support adults on their journey to a healthy body weight.

Naturopathic doctors Laika Rodriquez, ND, and Rebecca Kelly, FNP, help you make the changes necessary to shed extra pounds safely to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Signs your weight might be out of control

An estimated 73.6% of adults in the United States weigh more than they should. Much of the population has weight issues, making it difficult to recognize that your weight isn’t healthy.

The most efficient way to understand if you’re at a healthy weight is to measure your body mass index (BMI). BMI is the measurement of your existing body fat based on your weight and height.

A BMI reading of 25 or more indicates that you’re overweight.  A BMI of 30 or more means you’re obese and at greater risk for related health complications.

Another potential warning sign of an unhealthy weight may already exist in your medical history. Excessive weight can play a significant role in conditions like:

Obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing during the night, can also be a side effect of excess weight. You might have the disorder if you frequently snore loudly when asleep or wake up gasping for breath throughout the night.

Factors that influence weight and your ability to lose it

A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are common causes of excess body weight in adults, but your habits may not be the only factor at play.

Various medical conditions and other causes can influence your weight, including natural aging. As you age, your body changes how it stores fat; you may be more likely to develop stubborn fat deposits around your midsection with each passing birthday.

Other health issues that can trigger weight challenges include conditions that affect your metabolism, including:

Unmanaged stress and mental health issues like anxiety and depression can also slow down your metabolism and increase your waistline.

Why medical weight loss is the ideal solution for many

A medical weight loss program includes services carefully supervised by Dr. Rodriquez and our experienced medical specialists. They start with a comprehensive health evaluation, including a physical exam and lab work to identify underlying medical issues that interfere with your ability to lose weight.

Our providers can address those conditions first to improve your metabolic function and protect your overall health. For instance, we can create a hormone management plan to bring your natural hormone levels back into balance.

Our weight loss experts also offer services like:

Our team keeps you accountable for your weight loss results through routine follow-up visits and weight checks. We also provide the support you need to overcome weight plateaus and other challenges common on a weight loss journey.

Call Salem Wellness Clinic in Salem, Oregon, today to schedule a weight loss consultation or book an appointment online. 

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