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Menopause Hormone Therapy? 

Menopause Hormone Therapy?  Know the Facts:

A new study from Dr. Burcu Zeydan at The Mayo Clinic just published.

A new study on transdermal estrogen therapy was just published and it shows that sleep is improved and there is less cortical atrophy (changes seen with dementia).  

The findings of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2003 revealed that women who tool oral conjugated estrogen had more heart attacks and strokes than women who did not take any hormones at all and the risk of breast cancer was increased in women who took oral conjugated estrogen and Provera (synthetic progesterone).   The WHI study did not study transdermal estrogen or bio-identical progesterone.  All hormones were implicated by their findings even though there are multiple studies showing the safety of transdermal estrogen and bio-identical progesterone.   To understand this discrepancy, you must go back to the initial WHI study and “actually” review the study.   The WHI simply showed that oral conjugated estrogens or Premarin and combined Premarin and Provera (Prempro) were harmful to older women who were at risk of heart disease and increased the risk of breast cancer.  

The headlines did not do the study justice and the harm to women who stopped taking their hormones has been significant. Women are still being harmed by the media’s irresponsible reporting of the dangers of estrogen.  They did not recognize that the study simply compared Premarin and Prempro and no treatment.  There was no comparison to other forms or routes of estrogen replacement.   Fortunately for the women who get their care at Salem Women’s Clinic, we are fully educated on safe hormone treatment for women.   We understand that all women do not need hormone treatment but for those who do, we are here to make sure that your treatment is safe and effective.

If your doctor is not offering hormones to you for menopause symptoms, ask if they are educated about the WHI study outcomes and the newer literature which demonstrates the safety of bio-identical hormones.  Bioidentical hormones are safe and effective to help you traverse your journey through menopause.  Bio-Identical hormones are available at your pharmacy and they are FDA approved.  Estrogen patches and lotion are both bioidentical and Prometrium is bioidentical progesterone.   All are FDA approved and safe for relief of menopause symptoms, maintenance of bone density and now improved sleep and brain health.  Ask your doctor and if they don’t know, ask us…we know.     

Elizebeth Harmon, MD, MBA FACOG About Dr. Harmon Gynecologist and Founder of Salem Women's Clinic, Inc. Education & Training: BA, Linfield College MD, Oregon Health Sciences University Residency: OB/GYN, Geisinger Medical Center Board Certified, American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOG) since 1990 Instructor for OHSU Physician Assistant Program Personal Interests: When Dr. Harmon is not busy at Salem Women's Clinic, she can be found making doll clothes and providing dolls for children in foster care, making pies, mentoring future physicians, quilting, knitting, sewing, rollerblading, and reading. Family Dr. Harmon has been married to her husband, Jeff, for over 30 years. They have four sons.

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