Novasure endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding

So, you have exhausted all medical treatments and you are still bleeding too much. Missing work due to changing clothes, carrying a change of clothes in the car for just in case?  You do not wish to have major surgery and/or you can’t afford to take four to six weeks off from work to recover.  If your family is complete and you are fed up with the monthly misery of heavy bleeding or excessively long menses it is time to consider other alternatives.   Fortunately, we have you covered, and you probably don’t need a hysterectomy.  


Novasure endometrial ablation is an office based minimally invasive treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.  You can literally go to work the next day!  The Novasure device uses high frequency radio waves to destroy the lining inside your uterus thus significantly reducing or completely stopping menstrual bleeding.   This treatment requires that you have permanent birth control such as tubal ligation or vasectomy.   Pregnancy after ablation can be dangerous so you must be completely finished with any pregnancy plans.   This is not a treatment for bleeding after menopause or for women who might wish to have more children.  

As women providers we get it.  You want to have choice in your care and treatment options, and you want us to listen.  That is what we do best. Listen and help you make the best choice for you based on your life situation and symptoms.   We do not have a one size fits all, or even most.  Each woman is an individual and that is how you will be treated.  This individual care sometimes takes a little more time with longer appointments, extra testing and maybe even extra appointments to help you determine your best treatment.   The extra time is worth it when you get the best care tailored to your needs and situation. 

No treatment is right for every woman but Novasure works for many women who do not wish to have more children and do not want a major surgery with extended recovery time and pain.  Novasure is low risk and you can be back to work the next day.   Before we can perform the Novasure treatment you must have testing done which usually involves sampling the tissue inside your uterus and an ultrasound.  You will also need blood tests to determine if there are other reasons for abnormal bleeding and to ensure that you are in your best health before the procedure.   You will need someone to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours after the procedure.  Whatever procedure you have done we will be here to support your decision and to make sure that you are safe and well. 

We hope to be your guide as you travel through your journey of womanhood.  

Elizebeth Harmon, MD, MBA FACOG About Dr. Harmon Gynecologist and Founder of Salem Women's Clinic, Inc. Education & Training: BA, Linfield College MD, Oregon Health Sciences University Residency: OB/GYN, Geisinger Medical Center Board Certified, American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOG) since 1990 Instructor for OHSU Physician Assistant Program Personal Interests: When Dr. Harmon is not busy at Salem Women's Clinic, she can be found making doll clothes and providing dolls for children in foster care, making pies, mentoring future physicians, quilting, knitting, sewing, rollerblading, and reading. Family Dr. Harmon has been married to her husband, Jeff, for over 30 years. They have four sons.

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